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Each Breath

First kiss from my newborn niece more than 17 years ago.

Editor’s Note: This post of gratitude is dedicated to my niece, Courteney. You are so brave. I loved you from your first breath.

I held my baby niece close.

Her breath warm on my cheek.

She teetered, tottered.

But it grew dark one day.

Fighting for her life in hospital sheets.

Needles poking.

Her life changed forever as a Diabetic at eight.

Now, she’s a beautiful 17 carrying an iPhone, going to dances and football games.

Grateful for each breath, she wrote a post on Facebook…


521643_2493669436894_1188210607_nSo I put this up every november, just a little later into the month this year!

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month.

IT isn’t pink or sexy, it doesn’t involve boobs, football players, or cute shirts. It’s about being thankful that your loved one wakes up in the morning. It’s about 3A.M. blood checks, needles, low blood sugar, and the smell of insulin on your hands after changing the pumpsite or filling the syringe.

That’s A Diabetic’s Life.

Nearly 26 million children and adults in the United States have Diabetes. Visit American Diabetes Month to learn more about this deadly, life-altering disease.

*Kudos to Blogger Grass Oil by Molly Field who is hosting an extravaganza of 100-words of gratitude, including this post. So head on over to Molly’s place for some inspirational thoughts this Thanksgiving week.*

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2 Responses to “Each Breath”

  1. Courteney says:

    I love you auntie Kristal!xoxo<33

  2. Felicity says:

    Your niece received your gift of writing! Isnt it amazing how much love you can feel for a new family member, no matter the relation? I love my nieces and nephews so much for how they have completed my sisters.

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